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Approved: Grouplove

By | Published on Monday 31 January 2011


I’ve been meaning to write about Grouplove for weeks, but as they slipped down the ever growing list of exciting new bands, it looked like they might not make it. Luckily, their debut EP, ‘Colours’, turned up at just the right time, lodging itself in the CMU stereo for numerous repeat listens. It’s always nice to receive a summer record right in the heart of winter, and this is most definitely a summer record. Even the cover art shows people frolicking in the sea.

The EP’s title track is definitely the standout. A simple guitar-pop song strewn with hooks, it sounds like the kind of song that has been played and honed a lot in order to make it sound effortless. You can watch the video for the track by clicking the link below. It features some lovely summery larking about. Oh, but first you have to get through the attempted hanging, beating with a baseball bat and a mild decapitation. Fun, fun.