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Approved: His Clancyness

By | Published on Thursday 8 November 2012

His Clancyness

Canadian artist Jonathan Clancy, alias His Clancyness, is playing a couple of London-based shows in the next seven days; the first flanking Lotus Plaza at Camden Electrowerkz show on Saturday, and the other a spotlight set at Islington’s Rattlesnake on Monday 12 Nov.

He’s garlanded the dates with a typically light and tender rendition of El Perro Del Mar’s ‘I Can’t Talk About It’, something that’s not really quite so light in the light of its dark beginnings.

“I first heard this song a lonely night in the summer of 2006”, he says. “I was lost and did not want to explain things to anyone. I dreamt about covering this song for years until I started His Clancyness and have used it to open shows always ever since. It has some of the simplest lyrics I’ve ever heard, also some of the deepest. Four lines, that’s all you need to explain”.

Shows played and covers shared, Clancy will soon to make his debut proper via a long-player “imagined” in twelve cities, no less, a studio complement to this year’s bedroom-taped collation ‘Always Mist’. That new LP won’t appear till the new year, but in the interim that entirely lovely ‘Always Mist’ collection merits a free Topspin spin (and download) via this player: