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Approved: Holly Herndon – Chorus

By | Published on Thursday 30 January 2014

Holly Herndon

Having released her debut album, ‘Movement’, through RVNG Intl in late 2012, experimental electronic musician Holly Herndon has returned with a new release for the label, a single called ‘Chorus’.

Despite having featured her in the Approved column once before, I should nonetheless admit that not everything Herndon does grabs me. Perhaps that’s the nature of music by someone so experimental. However, I’ll always eagerly hit play on any new music she puts out, because when she hits that biting point, it’s glorious. And ‘Chorus’ is one of those tracks that bites down hard.

Beginning as an abstract collection of noises, ‘Chorus’ quickly draws itself together, building into a thrilling six minute sonic ride of carefully woven beats and vocal samples. Check out the Akihiko Taniguchi-directed video here: