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Approved: Holy Shit

By | Published on Monday 1 October 2012

Holy Shit

Part of a pretty incestuous artistic clique, Fat Possum signings Holy Shit – aka Matt Fishbeck and friends – have nurtured Christopher Owens, John Maus and Ariel Pink beneath their collective wing, only to see all three take flight toward otherer alternative projects.

Changing tack slightly (but not much) from his co-dependent past exploits, Fishbeck now follows his and Pink’s two-way 2006 LP ‘Stranded At Two Harbours’ with a new three track twelve-inch. While a-side ‘You Made My Dreams Come True’ is not, unfortunately, a Hall & Oates cover, it is a pocket of light and yielding psych whimsy, and also a token of esteem to the original ‘Hero From Zero’, “dynamic” 1980s mogul John Dote.

This track, and its reverse-side partners ‘Bombs Away’ (an Ariel Pink duet) and ‘Unlock The Door’, are released on 6 Nov, probably only in America. Pre-order details are here if you fancy buying it, or alternatively just play it now via SoundCloud: