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Approved: Homeshake

By | Published on Monday 29 September 2014


Homeshake is the kind-of-solo-alias of Canada-based Peter Sagar, who at the times when he isn’t on his Homeshake grind, and/or looking for his shaver, also plays guitar in @macdemarcosband.

Having finessed, over a spread of DIY tapes, a style that’s a lighter, goofier, ‘younger brother’-type likeness of DeMarco and co’s body of slack-jawed wonk-pop, Sagar will on 7 Oct release his first official Homeshake LP, the “smooth and cool” ‘In The Shower’, via Sinderlyn.

In advance of that, hear ‘In The Shower’ sister tracks ‘Cash Is Money’ and ‘Making A Fool Of You’: