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Approved: Iamamiwhoami – Chasing Kites

By | Published on Wednesday 22 October 2014


Despite possessing a moniker that still proves impossible to say or type, the Swedish duo of artist/vocalist Jonna Lee and music producer Claes Bj√∂rklund have been responsible for some incredibly evocative electronic pop over the course of two fine albums, which looks set to continue with ‘Blue’, their forthcoming third “audiovisual” longplayer.

The two tracks released in support of ‘Blue’ – ‘Chasing Kites’ and ‘Thin’ – both manage to tick the requisite boxes marked ‘icy’, ‘glacial’ and, er, ‘moody Scandinavian melancholy synth-pop’ (Lee has even said they wanted to make an album “close to nature”), but these lush textures and heartfelt vocals are by no means lacking in warmth and emotion.

Lovely, comforting stuff, then – like Lady Gaga without the froth and pretension or Robyn minus the bitterness. ‘Blue’ is released on To Whom It May Concern on 10 Nov, whilst the video for ‘Chasing Kites’ – made with visual collaborator WAVE – is previewing now, here: