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Approved: ILLLS

By | Published on Monday 28 May 2012


ILLLS’ forthcoming debut EP, ‘Dark Paradise’, represents the collaborative fruits of an almost two-year partnership between Slow Talk’s Steven Ross and Jim Barrett of the once CMU reviewed Young Buffalo. A six part amble between various rock and psychedelic touchstones, it’s attuned to the pet sounds of Oxford, Mississippi’s Cats Purring collective, sharing something of its unkempt all-American timbre with the music of CP associates like Dent May and Bass Drum Of Death.

The band’s scene credentials aside, frowsy rock junket ‘Bathroom Floor’ and the thrift-store macabre of ‘Teeth’ – as will both feature on ‘Dark Paradise’ upon its release on 17 Jun via Sounds Of Sweet Nothing – can only bode well for ILLLS’ prospects.

Preview those tracks in order of mention here: