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Approved: Jackson And His Computerband

By | Published on Tuesday 6 August 2013

Jackson And His Computerband

Every now and then, I remember Jackson And His Computerband’s 2005 album ‘Smash’ and think, “That was a good album, I wonder what happened to him”. Had he just packed and given in? Or just run out of ideas? Then last week, while appearing on Amazing Radio review show ‘It’s Amazing’, my question was answered with one of the programme’s two ‘mystery tracks’. It seems he’d just been in no rush to follow it up.

Jackson will be releasing his second album through Warp on 2 Sep, entitled ‘Glow’ and has a new live show complete with a cache of bespoke instruments to perform his new music on. So far the label has slipped out two of those new tracks and they bode very well indeed for the rest of the record.

‘ARP #1’ is sprawling monster of a track, driven by staccato beats it leaps onto a new idea every time you’ve just about got used to the last one. But the result of this is that it makes you want to go back and listen again, rather than leaving you frightened and confused. ‘Vista’, meanwhile, is a bit more straightforward, ethereal French electro that lightly dances around you for three minutes before rushing over and shoulder barging you before hugging you warmly for your final minute together.

Listen to both tracks here: