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Approved: Jade Imagine

By | Published on Tuesday 2 July 2019

Jade Imagine

Formed by singer-songwriter Jade McInally in 2016, Jade Imagine released their debut EP – ‘What The Fuck Was I Thinking’ – the following year. The release showed off the first steps towards crafting a sound drawing on krautrock and indie influences, coupled with a knack for a sad pop hook. Now they’ve announced their debut album, ‘Basic Love’, which confirms that they’ve absolutely nailed it.

Released earlier this year, the album’s first single, ‘Big Old House’, slipped the band back into the world with a slow motoric beat. McInally says of the track: “This song came to me in a dream. I woke up and sang the melody into my phone. It’s about holding the mirror up to yourself. There is light in the dark. Letting yourself feel okay again. Rebirth. Getting back to basics. Musically, we channelled the inner Kraut to make the rock”.

New single ‘Remote Control’ belongs in a similar realm, but stretches the band further, using perfectly restrained synths to accentuate it. “‘Remote Control’ is a song about the conflict between reality and escape and the two worlds we live in”, says McInally. “Dreaming and denial in a world of practicalities and productivity. It’s an exploration into synth territory. We wanted this track to be equal parts spooky and catchy, like taking a night-drive in a 1980s sci-fi film”.

‘Basic Love’ is set for release on 2 Aug. The band will then be over in the UK for a show at The Waiting Room in London on 4 Sep.Watch the video for ‘Remote Control’ here:

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