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Approved: Jerry Paper

By | Published on Wednesday 19 March 2014

Jerry Paper

Over the course of his time on earth as an artist, blushing Brooklyn auteur Jerry Paper, né Lucas Nathan, has laid out a stall like no other. Its main wares are droll, droopy and dog-eared life/love stories, down-turned synths and cooling synthetic beats. Picture Connan Mockasin’s brother from another mother, and you’re quite close. But not that close.

“To witness such a deep symbiosis between man and machine is a profoundly beautiful thing”, muses the third person blurb for his 2014 debut for the Patient Sounds imprint, ‘Feels Emotions’, quite truthfully. “And I swear I’d never seen a human care so passionately for his hardware counterpart”.

Hear that deep and meaningful relationship at play via Jerry’s Bandcamp page, which features ‘Feels Emotions’ and last year’s brilliantly-titled ‘International Man Of Misery’.

Alternatively, you can dig into JP’s strange world with a simple, single watch of this short film, ‘Who Is Jerry Paper?’