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Approved: Jessy Lanza

By | Published on Monday 23 September 2013

Jessy Lanza

Having started out, like many acts pre reaching their ‘breaking’ stage, via a ‘featured’ credit on a bigger artist’s track – in this case Ikonika’s ‘Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)’ – Jessy Lanza has since signed to Hyperdub and made an LP herself, the recently-released ‘Pull My Hair Back’.

Slick, clipped and thrifty all the way (bar its sky-high finale ‘Strange Emotion’), it is – to generalise – as if Grimes, Laurel Halo and maybe Jessie Ware got locked in a booth and were asked nicely to collaborate.

Only it’s not as opaque as Halo’s sharp-angled microcosms, and braver in its way than Ware’s stealthy nods at R&B greats like Sade. All of which places it at a pretty easily-listenable level, I’d say.

Play ‘Keep Moving’ from said album, which ticks over with a topical disco groove, now: