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Approved: Jinjé

By | Published on Thursday 15 April 2021


Vessels’ Lee Malcolm is back in his latest solo guise, Jinjé. Following a solid run of singles over the last couple of years, he’s now gearing up for a new EP in June, which will be the first EP release on Max Cooper’s Mesh label.

Titled ‘Open Unity’, that EP features more of the world-building techno that longtime fans will have come to expect from Malcolm. Never merely a beat and hook to keep a DJ set ticking over, his work also never drifts into being so cerebral that it becomes detached from the dancefloor. It’s a fine balance that can be easily misjudged, but one he seems endlessly adept at.

The first track from the EP, ‘Cinetique’, is out now, perfectly typifying the above and providing an entry point that will inhale you into his world. ‘Open Unity’ is out on 3 Jun. Listen to ‘Cinetique’ here:

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