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Approved: Jon Hopkins

By | Published on Tuesday 28 May 2013

Jon Hopkins

In recent years, prolific producer Jon Hopkins has worked with Brian Eno, Coldplay and King Creosote – earning a Mercury nomination for his album with the latter, ‘Diamond Mine’. He also released a collection of solo work in the form of a soundtrack to the British sci-fi film ‘Monsters’ in 2010. However, next week he is due to release his fourth solo album proper, ‘Immunity’.

Created using various live sounds – from notes tapped on real acoustic instruments to a recording of water running through pipes in a New York hotel – the music is heavily layered, the first half of the album made up of techno which uses chord sequences designed to tug on the emotions, as the beats pull you to the dancefloor, before dropping into more ambient material leading to the album’s final track, a soft piano-driven piece with indecipherable vocals from Hopkins’ former studio buddy King Creosote.

The video for lead track, ‘Open Eye Signal’, which was debuted last month, provides suitably epic scenery for its eight minutes – the American Midwest stretching out as far as the eye can see as a teenager nonchalantly skateboards through it. Like the track itself, it’s something to get lost in, have a watch here: