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Approved: Káryyn

By | Published on Thursday 15 June 2017


Having gained the attention and endorsement of Björk via her opera ‘Of Light’, Káryyn – “pronounced Kaa-RrrEEN (hard K, roll the R)” – has just released ‘Yajna’, the third in a series of electronic tracks collected under the title ‘Quanta 11’.

Named after the term for any ritual performed in front of a sacred fire in Hinduism, ‘Yajna’ is a six and a half minute piece of masterful composition. She uses subtle shifts in the music to make grand gestures, as lyrically she tries to put forward the idea that those things that divide us are self-created illusions.

This is a theme she returns to from previous work, influenced by being an American with Syrian and Armenian family. The video for previous single ‘Aleppo’ is made up of home movie footage from a childhood visit to see family in the Syrian city, which sits in stark contrast to footage you might now see on the news.

Listen to ‘Yajna’ here:

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