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Approved: Keel Her

By | Published on Tuesday 14 February 2012

Keel Her

I’ve been following the progress of Rose Keeler-Schäffeler, aka Keel Her, closely over the last few weeks. Everyday almost. Which possibly sounds like an odd thing to say, until you see her phenomenal level of output, with new recordings posted to her SoundCloud profile on an almost daily basis. In fact, in the last six months she’s posted over 70 songs. What’s more, her hit rate is incredibly high for someone so prolific.

Her lo-fi recordings may be covered in fuzz with levels ramped up into the red, but that does nothing to mask her talent for writing short, urgent pop songs. And the speed with which she uploads new tracks only adds to that urgency, conjuring up visions of someone who writes both compulsively and eagerly.

At the beginning of February, Italian Beach Babes Records pulled together eight of those songs for a cassette EP, which promptly sold out of its limited run. Still, it’s not like she hasn’t got enough material for another to be produced soon. If the prospect of her SoundCloud page seems daunting, you can also find handy compilations on her Bandcamp page. Although if you’re eager for more, you could also check out her work with American singer-songwriter R Stevie Moore.

For a quicker introduction, listen to ‘Cyber Goth’, here: