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Approved: Kelly Moran

By | Published on Thursday 11 April 2019

Kelly Moran

Kelly Moran released her latest album, ‘Ultraviolet’ – an immersive, flowing record filled with a sense of freedom and experimentation – last November. She’s now back to give it another push with a video for the track ‘Water Music’.

“On the day I made the music that eventually became this record, I went swimming in the ocean and for the first time went far past my comfort zone in the water”, she says of the album’s inspiration. “I’m usually too skittish to go deeper than my ankles, but I felt completely uninhibited that day and actually let myself swim and feel the weight of my body disappear in the water. With this newly achieved sense of freedom and looseness, I attempted to bring that feeling back to my studio when I played piano later that day”.

Having recently come to the end of a run of European shows, Moran will be back later this year to play festival sets at SonĂ¡r in Spain and End Of the Road in the UK.

Watch the video for ‘Water Music’ here:

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