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Approved: Kenzie May

By | Published on Tuesday 11 June 2013

Kenzie May

With a few guest vocal spots under her belt, the most notable being ‘Falling Down’ by Sub Focus and the F*U*G*Z remix of Bastille’s ‘Bad Blood’, Kenzie May released her debut single, ‘Hide & Seek’, last month.

Demos on the singer’s SoundCloud profile date back a year and show a lot of the sharp pop qualities that appear in the new single. ‘Hide & Seek’ is markedly more honed though, taking the sounds she developed on those early recordings and cleaning them up, making the stand out parts shine more brightly.

It also takes the playground game theme of the chorus of ‘Heartbeat’ – her first post on SoundCloud – from ‘jump rope’ to, well hide and seek, obviously, making it darker and more pointed. Musically, the track features a solid bassline, some deftly applied strings and nicely cut up vocal repeats, finishing up with a very fine pop song. Watch the video below.