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Approved: Kitty Pryde

By | Published on Monday 28 January 2013

Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde, or Kitty as she’s apparently now known, became the postergirl for so called ‘Tumblrcore’ last year. For those of you punching you desk at the sight of such a word, just remember that if we’re all going to bang on about new generations of artists finding new ways to share their music, we can’t get annoyed when they do just that. No matter how utterly infuriating the title given to any new trend is.

Anyway, the world is full of meaningless genre titles, so what does one more hurt? Let’s talk about Kitty now. She’s a female, white, middle class, teenage rapper, all of which, in various combinations, rubs some people up the wrong way. But last year’s ‘Haha, I’m Sorry’ EP, while rough around the edges, showcased someone with a talent worth nurturing. And, if this Noisey documentary is anything to go by, it’s all something that has come about organically, rather than being forced. Pryde also seems pretty self-aware, despite the twin whirlwinds of praise and derision that spin around her.

Earlier this month she previewed a clip of ‘Dead Island’, a track from her new EP, ‘DAISY Rage’, and then last week the first full track from that extra-play – ‘RREAM’ – appeared on Noisey’s SoundCloud profile. Featuring a Grant-produced beat (he previously being responsible for ‘Haha, I’m Sorry’ track, ‘Give Me Scabies’), it sees her rapping lines in her idiosyncratic style.

‘DAISY Rage’ is due to hit the internet this Thursday, and you can listen to ‘RREAM’ here: