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Approved: La Sera

By | Published on Thursday 29 March 2012

La Sera

La Sera is the two year-old crossover project of one Katy Goodman, bassist in Brooklyn alt-pop pack Vivian Girls. Billed as her ‘break-up album’, La Sera’s sophomore set ‘Sees The Light’ is released this week via Hardly Art, dividing its tone between the all-out wallowing of ‘I’m Alone’ and ‘Love That’s Gone’, and the barefaced optimism that shines on elsewhere.

Even a ‘suddenly single’ Goodman is no sap, though, as her new split video for LP samples ‘Real Boy’ and ‘Drive On’ goes to show. Whilst the former is steeped in chipper calypso dreamtime by virtue of its honey-dripping lyricisms, ‘Drive On’ is malign and waspish, fatalistic even (“It’s a story I wrote about a guy driving himself and his girlfriend off a cliff”, says Katy); its screenplay is a noirish vision in black, white and grindhouse grey.

Screen that very ‘video within a video’ here: