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Approved: Lace Curtain – Falling II

By | Published on Monday 1 July 2013

Lace Curtain

As refreshingly welcome as it was to see Nile Rogers at the top of the charts, courtesy of Daft Punk, there remains more to the disco resurgence than the pure pop of ‘Get Lucky’, and the mutant, more leftfield strains of what, for about a week, we used to call nu disco are still worth exploring, especially when something as joyous as this comes along.

Lace Curtain is a new project from Australians Mikey Young, Dave West and James Vinciguerra. The trio, already involved in a number of punk and garage bands, have veered in an entirely new direction on their twelve-inch, ‘Falling/Running’. ‘Falling II’, the hypnotic lead track, has the requisite nods to krautrock and synthpop, with a motorik beat, Factory-esque guitars and hazy vocals all combining to euphoric effect, despite the inherent somnambulant dreaminess.

At seven minutes, it’s epic without ever overstaying its welcome; like Primal Scream without the junkie vibes, or a more blissed-out Cut Copy. The twelve-inch is out on now on Mexican Summer, whilst the video recently previewed on YouTube and is streaming now.