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Approved: Lafawndah

By | Published on Monday 12 May 2014


Raised in Paris, Tehran and the Americas, and part-Iranian, part-Egyptian, part-English in heritage, it naturally follows that the NYC-based Lafawndah’s first EP, the four track ‘Lafawndah’, is a fairly wild mix of altered sonic states and vari-national criss-crossings.

It was made on Guaedelope, the Franco-Caribbean isle, with Emily King, aka Garagem Banda, and old-time zouk icon Jean Claude Bichara as producers. Tracks like closing frog chorus ‘Tango Down’ – to name one, though I could name any – are a hot liquid solder of close-crowded sounds, from the picante moombaton of ‘Chili’, to Kelela-esque beatdown ‘Butter’.

As a whole, it’s a mass of metal, bones and bass clanking, of sticky tribal heats rising, of things torn up from the earth (or “decontextualised”) and put back into new ground. It’s strange, brave and discombobulating, and so you should probably just dive in and find it for yourself, right now: