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Approved: Laura León – Un Percepcion De Un Silencio

By | Published on Tuesday 27 November 2018

Laura León

Filmmaker and musician Laura León has released her new film project, ‘Un Percepcion De Un Silencio’, and an album featuring the twelve separate scores that different artists have composed to soundtrack it.

The 90 second film is created from a series of still image close-ups of part of a woman’s body. Twelve musicians from around the world, including León herself, then created their own musical interpretations of these visuals. Although brief, their compositions take the film in wildly different directions.

“The principles of human perception act in an individualistic way, sustained both under our own experiences and under the emotions subordinate to image”, says León. “The differentiation between the perceptions does not respond only to the experiences lived and to the individuality of the collaborator, but to the environment and culture of the place where they have lived”.

The soundtrack album is out now, via Phantom Limb. Watch all twelve versions of the film here.

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