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Approved: LCMDF – Fooled

By | Published on Tuesday 12 May 2015


Hey! It’s CMU’s favourite Finnish pop duo back again. And it’s with a new single that features guest vocals from CMU’s favourite Finnish rapper. All of which wasn’t supposed to sound sarcastic, even if it mistakenly ended up that way, because we really do like both of LCMDF and Noah Kin very much.

How about we just start again? LCMDF, aka Emma and Mia Kemppainen, released their debut album ‘Love & Nature’ in 2011, and then first hit the Approved column in 2012 with the first track from a series of mental health-themed EPs.

Latest single ‘Fooled’ sees them move further away from the 90s dance influence of their early work for something a bit more 21st Century, but it maintains the hyperactive, overcooked sound that makes their music such a joy to blast into your ears. The track features rapper Noah Kin, whose 2014 album ‘Now You See’ is well worth checking out. I know that’s not really relevant to this, but I just wanted to point it out.

Listen to ‘Fooled’ here: