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Approved: Le Thug

By | Published on Monday 19 January 2015

Le Thug

Described as “an elusive band” by their label Song, By Toad, Le Thug don’t have a great deal of recorded music to their name, just a few things scattered around the internet. But where quantity has lost out over the last couple of years, quality has triumphed. And no more so than on ‘Basketball Land’, the lead track from new EP ‘Place Is’, which is due out on 16 Feb.

The track brings more clarity to their shoegaze sound, though still leaves their guitars as an abstract wall of noise, matched by some buried keyboards, driven by clipped drum machine beats and lifted by the vocals of Cleo Alexander. It’s maybe not the first time you’ve heard something with this formula, but they pitch it just right to make it seem fresh.

Check out the video for ‘Basketball Land’ below, and listen to the track amongst a selection of music from other new Song, By Toad signings here.