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Approved: Like A Villain

By | Published on Thursday 19 September 2019

Like A Villain

Applying operatic vocal techniques to contemporary music, Like A Villain – aka composer Holland Andrews – creates songs filled with dramatic twists. With a voice that can shift from soft contemplation to cathartic roar in an instant, she explores human fragility and resilience on new album ‘What Makes Vulnerability Good’.

“My goal is to create a space where we can safely be turned to rubble, and then compassionately examine the pieces while we heal our most tender selves”, says Andrews of her songwriting on this album. “Of course, we at times need a reprieve from intensity, so I offer those moments in the album as well”.

Singles already released from the album are the visceral ‘You Got It’ and more ambient opening track ‘My Hands’. Now follows ‘Daughters’, which explores trauma, as she explains: “‘Daughters’ is about my history of being sexually assaulted, told in my voice and, symbolically, the voice of my empathetic and saddened mother”.

‘What Makes Vulnerability Good’ is out on Friday. Watch the video for ‘Daughters’ here:

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