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Approved: Liza Anne

By | Published on Wednesday 21 March 2018

Liza Anne

Elizabeth Anne Odachowski – or simply Liza Anne – has just released her new album, ‘Fine But Dying’, on Arts & Crafts, which follows two self-released records.

Developing the theme of her earlier releases, ‘Fine But Dying’ sees Odachowski tackle her foibles head on, with a particular focus on depression and anxiety. But this isn’t a collection of songs that wallows. Writing these things down comes across as cathartic for Odachowski, and her words present different sides of herself that are easy to relate to – the tone for this set immediately by opening track ‘Paranoia’.

“Growing up, people would always say I was too happy to be depressed, or too social to have anxiety”, she says. “In their eyes, because I was one thing, I couldn’t also be something else. I think we all exist in duality, though. I can be everything and nothing all at once”.

She adds: “This is my ‘woman at her wildest self’ album. It’s a place for me to express all of the things about womanhood and the human condition that I was experiencing without fear of feeling like I’m ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’. People used to talk about my music in such sweet terms, but they weren’t sweet things that I was going through. With this record, I’m not sugar-coating anything any more”.

Watch the newly released video for latest single, ‘Small Talks’, here:

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