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Approved: Lost Midas

By | Published on Monday 28 July 2014

Lost Midas

Lost Midas is the moniker for Boston born Jason Trikakis, now a resident of LA, who releases his debut LP on Tru Thoughts, ‘Off The Course’, this week. As a drummer leaning towards hip hop, he has now turned producer, citing as influences artists as varied as Mahavishnu Orchestra, Claude Debussy, Boards Of Canada and J Dilla.

‘Off The Course’ is meant to be a sonic guided tour of his home city since 2011. How this fits is perhaps slightly obtuse, but meanings and mantras aside, this is a well-crafted slab of beat heavy music with lush synth layering. He covers bases from dancefloor to almost slightly art house pop, but with certain aplomb.

On the harder side of the album, ‘Dream Of Me’ shows some frantic beats, and ‘It Is’ brings you back to London’s broken beat scene down at The Co-Op. But there are also the softer options of the singles, ‘Head Games’ and ‘Love Undone’.

It’s a great first offering, Trikakis is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Check out this live studio version of new single ‘Head Games’, which features vocals from Audris: