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Approved: Lotic

By | Published on Thursday 21 June 2018


Producer Lotic is set to release debut album ‘Power’ on 13 Jul through Tri-Angle. Following the whispered mantra of lead single ‘Hunted’ – “brown skin masculine frame head’s a target / acting real feminine make ’em vomit” – new track ‘Solace’ sees Lotic take a bolder step forward over darker beats.

“It originally started as an empowerment album”, says Lotic of the LP. “I felt that I needed to offer something outside of myself, as sort of a healing moment. And then I lost my apartment. Mentally, I could only work on music once every three months or something. The question of what would be empowering – the answer to that changed so often over a two-year period. I had to figure out who I was all over again. With this record, I went back and incorporated all of my musical selves”.

Of that newly released track ‘Solace’, the producer adds: “‘Solace’ is my reminder to myself that no matter how hard things get, trouble don’t last always! Hang in there, it’s gon be OK! It’s my self-reminder that I actually am a fearlesss bitch, and that experiencing pain or hardship is not a weakness but a moment for growth, for strength”.

Listen to ‘Solace’ here:

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