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Approved: Lucianblomkamp

By | Published on Wednesday 27 September 2017

Lucianblomkamp is set to release the first in a series of three EPs, titled ‘Sick Of What I Don’t Understand’, on 13 Oct – the follow-up to last year’s ‘Bad Faith’ album. A visceral collection of genre-spanning electronic tracks, it’s an exciting new turn for the producer.

Following on from first single, ‘Nothing’, featuring singer Rromarin, newly released track ‘Still No’ features South London rapper Trim. “To me, Trim is the type of artist I strive to be”, says Blomkamp. “Not because of his influence over any particular style, but exactly because of that. He has a gift for disobeying the norms and never following up on expectations”.

He continues: “He’s a complete wildcard and that’s what makes him. No matter the instrumental, no matter the genre, no matter what era during his long-lasting career, if Trim’s on the track, it’s a Trim track. So as you can tell I feel it’s an honour to have him be a part of my new release, and I hope to do his name justice”.

No worries there, he does them both proud on what is a stand out track among an EP of stand out tracks. Listen to ‘Still No’ here:

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