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Approved: Marconi Union – Flying (In Crimson Skies)

By | Published on Thursday 7 June 2012

Marconi Union

With modern life lived at an increasingly frenetic pace, there are times when it becomes immeasurably beneficial to just stop, take time out from the world and immerse yourself in music like Marconi Union’s ‘Flying (In Crimson Skies)’.

Taken from ‘Different Colours’, the Manchester duo’s sixth album, the musical aesthetic will be no surprise to those familiar with Richard Talbot and Jamie Crossley’s previous work. MU make stately, weightless music that seemingly manages to say and do very little but yet conveys a wealth of mood and emotions as their tracks’ journeys unfurl. The ghostly vocals that drift in towards the end of ‘Flying’ betray a hint of Eno which is inevitably present elsewhere, but this is still a typically evocative piece of multi-layered ambient electronica.

‘Different Colours’ is released on Just Music on 18 Jun. ‘Flying (In Crimson Skies)’ is previewing on Soundcloud now: