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Approved: Meljoann

By | Published on Tuesday 26 November 2019


Much pop music sets itself the task of presenting the world with the brightness turned up. Everything is better, from your social life to your romantic relationships to the community in which you reside. It’s a perfect world where everyone always knows the right thing to say and do. Meljoann, meanwhile, presents your life as you fear it might actually really be, except now it’s a nightmarish R&B musical.

This iteration of her output began two years ago with the single ‘Personal Assistant’ – “Personally, won’t you assist me? / Won’t you get with me / To help me keep things in order”. Now she’s back and doubling down on the seedy workplace vibe with ‘Assfuck The Boss’. It is, she says, an ode to “the Stockholm syndrome of the employed” and sounds like a dark vision of an unchanging future recorded on a degraded VHS tape. The only ray of hope being that the soundtrack she has created for this world is brilliant.

You can catch Meljoann live tomorrow night at The Glove That Fits in London. Her new album, ‘HR’, is set for release next year.Watch the video for ‘Assfuck The Boss’ here:

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