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Approved: Molina

By | Published on Wednesday 9 May 2018


Early last year, Rebecca Molina put out her debut EP, ‘Corpus’, featuring two great singles, ‘Salvation’ and ‘Hey Girl’.

Then things fell eerily silent on the new music front. For us, anyway. She’s been working hard all that time. Last month she officially signed to Copenhagen-based indie label Tambourhinoceros, which promptly released new single ‘Hey Kids’.

Building on the off-centre synth-pop of those early releases, Swedish artist Late Verlane is enlisted for guest vocals this time. The end result is a beautifully dreamlike track that plays to all of Molina’s talents.

If you’re at Spot Festival in Denmark this week, she’ll be playing two shows. Otherwise, just enjoy ‘Hey Kids’, and wait for more impending music.

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