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Approved: Mount Forel

By | Published on Tuesday 30 April 2019

Mount Forel

Mount Forel’s debut single ‘America’ is unusual in that the band’s opening gambit is, in part, an apology.

“It’s about the rise of the far right and fascism, and the demise of the liberal agenda”, says frontman Ross Thompson of the track. “The triumph of Trump and the normalisation of racism, misogyny and general douchary that has sadly become so acceptable. As an American I find that, increasingly, I have to say ‘we’re not all cunts'”.

Alright, perhaps not an apology. More an exasperated lament.

The song is the closest to home for Thompson, who is American. Other songs on the album take their names from other places, with each band member also harking from a different country.

While the thoughts on the state of the planet are intriguing, what really draws you in is the music – inventive guitar-led songs that use pop, dance and psychedelic influences.

At ground level, the song structures are rock solid, which allows them to switch genres and leap into odd time signatures while maintaining an anchor to hold you there with them.

Watch the video for ‘America’ here:

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