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Approved: Mugger

By | Published on Tuesday 19 July 2022


Following the break up of indie rock band Creepoid, vocalist and drummer Anna and Patrick Troxell embarked on electronic project Lovelorn, releasing their debut album, ‘What’s Yr Damage’ last year. Fans of either project – or indeed both – may be pleased to hear that the Troxells are now back with a new band, Mugger. Although you should probably be aware that, having relocated from Philadelphia to Texas, they’ve also relocated to a new genre again too, this time holing up in the less sedate climes of hardcore punk.

Drawing on the late 90s hardcore scene that they were part of as teenagers, their first release – an eight track demo tape – is lo-fi, sludgy and punctuated with audio clips that sound like they were recorded with a microphone pointed at a TV speaker. It all comes across with an energy that feels like this has been a long time coming – a collection of songs that have been building inside them for years and are now forcing their way out as hard and fast as they can.

If you’re in Texas (it’s possible), the band begin a four date tour taking in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston starting at the end of this month.

Listen to ‘Demo 2022’ here: