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Approved: Nik Colk Void

By | Published on Tuesday 11 January 2022

Nik Colk Void

Nik Colk Void – best known as one half of Factory Floor – has announced that she will release her debut solo album in April. Titled ‘Bucked Up Space’, the record will released through Peter Rehberg’s Editions Mego label. This follows their work together as NPVR – releasing an album titled ‘33 33’ in 2018.

“When Peter Rehberg initially asked me to produce a record for Editions Mego, I didn’t feel quite ready and asked if we could make a record together instead”, she explains. “Collaboration is so ingrained into what I do, I only felt ready to make this album after working through ideas live, using the audience in place of the collaborator. You find out more about yourself when you explain your ideas to others, and that’s how I felt the live performance worked for me”.

The first track from the album, ‘Interruption Is Good’, is out now. A piece of immediately engaging techno, it reveals more of itself with each listen. “It was important to me that the simplicity in the work disguised a lot of complexity, I want this work to be absorbed instinctively”, she says.

‘Bucked Up Space’ is out on 8 Apr. Listen to ‘Interruption Is Good’ here: