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Approved: Nite School Klik

By | Published on Thursday 28 May 2015

Nite School Klik

A month ago a new track was uploaded to the SoundCloud page of DJ Shadow’s recently launched record label Liquid Amber. By an outfit calling themselves Nite School Klik, ‘Posse’ was an eerie and slightly confusing mash of bass and hip hop styles.

Last week, in an interview with Billboard, it was revealed that the duo is actually DJ Shadow himself and upcoming producer G Jones – who Shadow discovered around the same time as his first Liquid Amber signing, Bleep Bloop.

“We just wanted to hit people out of the blue”, said Shadow of the decision to initially withhold their identities. “We wanted it to be heavy and have a sci-fi angle. We wanted to make the music we were playing, which is definitely not festival trap. It’s a sound that’s hard to put your finger on. It has a bit of Bay Area hyphy-ness to it. It’s based on our own version of the beat scene and all the beatmakers that are out there. That’s the stuff we identify with. That’s the stuff we play. And that’s the stuff we wanted to make. We’re keeping it open-ended and fun. At some point we’ll get back in the lab and make a follow-up”.

Along with the Billboard interview, they put out a second track, ‘Nice Nightmares’, which stretches the strange, sprawling sound of the project even further.

Listen to ‘Posse’ and ‘Nice Nightmares’ here: