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Approved: OMD – Night Café

By | Published on Thursday 4 April 2013


With new albums this year from both the synth-pop progenitors (OMD, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys) and their progeny (Hurts, Little Boots, some new bands we’ve doubtless not heard of yet), it would seem the electro revival is far from over.

The question posed by OMD on the forthcoming ‘English Electric’, their twelfth album, is “What does the future sound like?” The answer, based on ‘Metroland’, the first single from ‘EE’, is essentially “Kraftwerk”. Inevitable as this may be, for a band who have unashamedly admitted their love of the Düsseldorf pioneers, they have only rarely actually sounded like their heroes (see debut single ‘Electricity’ or ‘RFWK’, the homage on 2010 comeback album ‘History Of Modern’).

Our featured track today, ‘Night Café’, meanwhile, is also resonant of OMD’s past, with its glistening synths, choral sounds and slow tempo, combining into a piece of achingly wistful melancholia suggestive of ‘Souvenir’, which is no bad thing at all.

‘English Electric’ is out on 8 Apr, with the group touring in April and May.

‘Night Café’ is previewing on YouTube now: