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Approved: Paige Kennedy

By | Published on Tuesday 17 September 2019

Paige Kennedy

Since being released earlier this year, Paige Kennedy’s most recent single ‘Finga’ has started a snowball roll, bringing her remarkable songwriting talent to a growing number of new fans.

She combines a wide range of influences from across multiple genres, applying each influence in a way that really services the song, rather than just doing it for experimentation’s sake. Its spiky, angular delivery builds to a strong and satisfying crescendo.

What’s more pleasing is to discover a well-formed back catalogue of tracks that show off Kennedy’s versatility as a writer and performer. Her broad influences bring a wide range of sounds to all of her songs, but each is made distinctly her own. All of which makes it exciting to see what she’ll do next.

You can next catch Kennedy live supporting Diving Station at Yes in Manchester on 3 Oct. Right now, listen to ‘Finga’ here:

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