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Approved: Pictorial Candi

By | Published on Thursday 2 May 2019

Pictorial Candi

Musician Candelaria Saenz Valiente has been involved in various projects over her career. She’s composed music for film and was once the leader of the excellently-named band Paris Tetris. She has also released two albums in her solo guise as Pictorial Candi. The third LP under that name, set for release later this year, will be her first since 2016.

Previous single ‘Star Gel’ and the newly released ‘Softest Cosmos’ show an interesting development in her sound since last album ‘Forever Till You Die’. Both tracks see her dive yet further into shimmering lo-fi pop while also adding new layers to her songwriting style.

“Have you ever taken care of someone for years to the point where you become a vessel, an enabler for this person?”, she says of the new track. “‘You’ feels a million light years away, a glimmering spot in the Cosmos. But then one day your vessel self gets a break and travels in light years through the sharpest black and reunites with You after all those years. You were just hanging there, forgotten, and you realise you’ve missed yourself more than you’ve ever missed anyone before”.

“But after you’ve exploded and levitated all over the carpet it doesn’t take long, a couple of days perhaps, to go missing this other person you’ve been necessarily enabling and loving”, she continues. “And perhaps losing yourself so completely was worth it just for that comeback”.

Make of that what you will, though this particular comeback is looking very much worth it. Stay tuned for that new album. Meanwhile, listen to ‘Softest Cosmos’ here:

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