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Approved: Plastic Sun

By | Published on Tuesday 29 October 2019

Plastic Sun

Plastic Sun’s debut single ‘Violent Blue Life’ introduces a band with an immediately engrossing take on songwriting. On the one hand there’s a beautifully soulful element to the track, but it’s driven by an unnerving darkness.

This balance – or perhaps intentional imbalance – in the music reflects what the song does lyrically too. For his words, frontman Joshua Woo wrote about his experiences of anxiety and depression. He then dropped those words into a randomisers, pulling out lines that conveyed meaning from what the software spat out to create the final lyrics.

“The lines are intentionally panicked, disjointed and paranoid, because this is what goes on in my head during a bad spell”, explains Woo.

Listen to ‘Violent Blue Life’ here:

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