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Approved: Pom Poko

By | Published on Thursday 27 April 2017

Pom Poko

Despite having been together for less than a year, Pom Poko already have in the bag a small collection of solidly crafted, innovative songs and a strong reputation as a live band.

Released at the beginning of this year, debut single ‘It’s A Trap’ introduced their sugary punk vibe, with its crumpled guitar sound and melodic handbrake turns. On new single ‘Jazz Baby’ they take things even further, with big leaps between genres throughout, and no thought for their own safety.

Starting on a staccato guitar riff, they happily move into 70s disco and back without it being jarring. For a chorus they break into a rapidly accelerating march that tugs at your collar just as it looks like it might get away from you.

Listen to ‘Jazz Baby’ here:

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