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Approved: Purity Ring

By | Published on Wednesday 25 April 2012

Purity Ring

Purity Ring have to date released several tracks from their forthcoming debut album ‘Shrines’, not least the airy ‘Lofticries’ (out via Transparent last year) and the tightly-bound and malign ‘Belispeak’, both of which were much praised upon issue.

Like Claire Boucher of Grimes, Purity Ring are so called ‘pop futurists’, from Montreal and signed to 4AD. Also like Grimes, they harness star-shot synths, delicate girl-vox and mechanised beats – each one a minor ear-drum implosion – to eerie but unmistakeably pop-directed effect. Relative to Canada’s zeitgeisty electronic scene (as also includes Trust, Doldrums and/or The Weeknd), Purity Ring are the straight man to Boucher’s wayward space oddity; less flamboyant stylistically but with the same pin-point accuracy to their tiered and sound-smeared arrangements.

‘Shrines’, which is released on 23 Jul, includes all prior singles (as well as ‘Crawlersout’ and ‘Saltkin’, who I’m fairly sure are characters from ‘The Moomins’) in addition to new preview ‘Obedear’, which is free to download at

Alternatively, sample it here: