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Approved: Ravyn Lenae

By | Published on Thursday 26 April 2018

Ravyn Lenae

Ravyn Lanae made an impressive debut with her ‘Moon Shoes’ EP in 2016, filling it with some smart, thoughtful and out of the ordinary takes on pop. From there, she’s slowly continued to deliver on that early promise, with two more EP releases, last year’s ‘Midnight Moonlight’ and, more recently, ‘Crush’.

With Lanae not long out of school, ‘Crush’ seems to mark her first step into music as a full-time career. Produced by Monte Booker, together they seem to have selected beats that most allow her to explore her voice. On opener ‘Sticky’, the first track they worked on together, she uses her vocals as an instrument as much as a tool to deliver her story. The opening line comes in a swipe of falsetto and from their she builds in so many exhilarating ideas it’s a wonder she had any left for the rest of the EP.

At the other end of the release she closes it off with ‘4 Leaf Clover’ – for which she’s just released a video. The second of two collaborations on the EP with vocalist Steve Lacy, the track is a duet that shows two sides of a relationship, voiced to the listener but not to each other.

Ahead of a UK show at Heaven in London on 3 May, watch the video for ‘4 Leaf Clover’ here:

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