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Approved: Rolo Tomassi – Rituals

By | Published on Tuesday 31 October 2017

Rolo Tomassi

Well, let’s all do a little inward jump for joy. Rolo Tomassi are back. And not a moment too soon. More than two years since their last album, ‘Grievances’, they return with a new single, ‘Rituals’, and talk of a new album, possibly called ‘Love Will Bury It’ (if this website that fans are being directed to is anything to go by).

Although the new track continues in the vein of ‘Grievances’ in terms of its darkness, it “shouldn’t be used to judge what all our new material sounds like”, the band’s James Spence tells Noisey of the single, which was written by guitarist Chris Cayford. “When other members were in their stride with being productive, Chris was a little blocked, and just as our ideas began to slow, he really hit his stride with writing. I feel like this track, especially its aggression and energy, was a real release and relief”.

Of the album, he adds: “‘Grievances’ was, from the start, conceived to be an album that flowed perfectly from start to finish and written with that in mind. This time around we focused specifically on exploring songs like ‘Rituals’ to their full potential. To write mini-epics. An album’s worth of ideas in one song. We pushed every song to its extreme and, in the case of ‘Rituals’, that meant making it as heavy and unrelenting as we possibly could”.

The band will play a one-off show at The Borderline in London on 4 Nov to preview new material. Now, listen to ‘Rituals’ here:

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