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Approved: Rye Rye feat Bullion – Keep Up

By | Published on Tuesday 7 July 2015

Rye Rye

First appearing in 2007 via Blaqstarr collaboration ‘Shake It To The Ground’ – the ‘212’ of its day – Baltimore-based rapper Rye Rye has since mainly made her name name as a fire-provider-for-hire on tracks by pals like MIA, Robyn and Bassnectar.

She now, today, features beside approved UK producer/Nautic man Bullion on a new version of an old track of his originally titled ‘Bum Spider’ – wait, don’t leave! – and now appealingly renamed ‘Keep Up’. It’s one wildly at-random pairing that really, really works, with Bullion’s gloopy global rhythms leaking neatly into Rye Rye’s more… invigorating top line flow.

Django Django’s Dave Maclean, who’s relevant in all this because he’s releasing the track via his label Kick + Clap on 31 Jul, shares the riveting story of the song discovery: “I found an old MP3 player when I was back at my folks’ house, in with a load of my old stuff, and it had this weird track on it… a dancehall rhythm made with a didgeridoo sample. It was labelled ‘Bum Spider’ and I tried for ages to Google it and couldn’t find anything (Googling ‘bum spider’ brought some strange results) so I put a tweet out describing it but… nothing”.

He goes on: “Then my manager, who knows the producer Bullion, told me it was by him and that he must have sent it to me ages ago! Anyway, I called Bullion up and said I had to release this track because I’d become obsessed with it. Rye Rye came to mind immediately so I got in touch and she loved the track so got on it”.

Listen to Rye Rye and Bullion getting on it, together, now: