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Approved: Sailor Honeymoon

By | Published on Thursday 18 May 2023

Sailor Honeymoon

‘Cockroach’ serves not only as the debut single from South Korean punk band Sailor Honeymoon, but is also the first release through their Seoul and London-based label Good Good 굿굿 Records, of which the band’s Abi Raymaker is a co-founder.

A photographer by day, Raymaker is joined in the band by techno DJ Zaeeun Shin and singer-songwriter Meaningful Stone – though you shouldn’t let any of those tags lead you to form any pre-judgement on what they might sound like. The band themselves switched up which instruments they’d all play once they started rehearsing, in order to bring an extra rawness to their sound.

“For us, Sailor Honeymoon is our chance to express ourselves without being edited or corrected in any way”, says Raymaker. “We’re not perfect musicians and we’re not mimicking anything in particular. We take inspiration from stuff directly around us too, from women in our scene, or from each other, and run with it rather than trying to make something clean or perfect”.

Still, it’s not so raw as to be inaccessible. Far from it. The first listen had me grinning from ear to ear, thanks to the Kim Deal-esque deadpan delivery. I think cockroaches might be a metaphor for something else, you know. Anyway, it’s an extremely fun two minutes and I’d like more now please.

Watch the video for ‘Cockroach’ here: