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Approved: Shabazz Palaces

By | Published on Wednesday 7 May 2014

Shabazz Palaces

Three years on from their 2011 debut, ‘Black Up’, Shabazz Palaces will release new album ‘Lese Majesty’ on 28 Jul, once again through Sub Pop.

While ‘Black Up’ was an almost fleeting affair – ten tracks in 36 minutes, long enough to impress with its experimental hip hop sound, short enough to not outstay its welcome – the new album takes a potential risk by stretching itself out over eighteen tracks. Perhaps in the interests of maintaining some sense of brevity, the tracks are split into seven ‘suites’. Though equally it could also be a sign of self-indulgent experimentation gone wrong.

I think that’s an acceptable level of risk. But the only way to find out the answer will be to listen to the music itself. And while I can’t give you all eighteen tracks, I can at least give you one to listen to, ‘They Come In Gold’, which shows positive initial results.