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Approved: Sky Ferreira – Dynamite State

By | Published on Monday 14 November 2011

Sky Ferreira

So, big news everyone; precocious pop poppet Sky Ferreira might at last be ready to sign off on a debut album. But then again, that seemed to be the case when her first UK single, ‘One’, made the Approved column in summer 2010, so who knows?

Her SoundCloud page has certainly shown unusual signs of life over the past few days and weeks, sprouting song snippets and demos with all the verdant vivacity of a blossoming springtime tundra on ‘Frozen Planet’. Which brings us to the latest of these, a full-length track rumoured to be titled ‘Dynamite State’. Featuring production by Bloodshy & Avant, the same Swedish wonderteam lurking behind Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’, it bears all the glossy sophisti-pop hallmarks of, say, a ‘One’ – also a Bloodshy & Avant affiliate – in its faux-peppy cheerleader chants, staccato xylophone trills and effervescent, sherbet-sweet chorus line.

Says Sky of the song: “I recorded this almost three years ago and was told nobody would like it, or understand it. But it’s still one of my favourites, and I needed people to hear this before I come out with my new record which is in a way different direction”.

For Sky, clearly, ‘Dynamite State’ is already old news, slapped in bratty, can’t-really-be-bothered fashion, with the SoundCloud tag “ummmmm (this is old FYI)”. Well, whatever. It’s still ahead of its time, flirting with precursors to the marching band beats and dry skits on schoolgirl-style rhyme that ‘pop saviours’ like Nicola Roberts and, apparently, Madonna¬†are only just trying out. With Sky’s SoundCloud page stating tentative plans to release an LP in February, it remains to be seen whether she’s all style over substance. Fortunately, ‘Dynamite State’ covers both qualities.

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