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Approved: Society – All That We’ve Become

By | Published on Thursday 5 July 2012


Granted its on-air premiere on Radio 1 by Angular Recording Co’s Joe Daniel – who named it as the forthcoming record he felt most enthusiastic about – ‘All That We’ve Become’ is the first and only thing anyone has heard of rumoured-to-be-from-Reading artist(s) Society (or Societe – depending on who you speak to).

At the contrivance of the band/soloist’s label, Roundtable Records, which will release it as a vinyl single at some stage this month, nothing beyond the track itself is known of Society and who she/he/it/they is/are. Ah, such industry mystique. Still, since it spans the grey existentialisms of Spiritualized, a terse sonic palette to match Portishead’s, and all the classical grandeur of a Gainsbourg chanson, it’s almost apt that ‘All That We’ve Become’ is so lacking in context, place and time; such a law unto itself.

Take in its video, as features animation by Andy Baker, here: