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Approved: SoKo – Monster Love (feat Ariel Pink)/I Just Want To Make It New With You

By | Published on Thursday 4 July 2013


Stéphanie Sokolinski, aka SoKo (The Cat), plays a freak ‘en amour’ in this, her DIY-directed ‘Monster Love’ video.

Starring Ariel Pink on co-vocals, the clip features a heartsick werebeast who falls in love (in vain) with various Hollywood hotties and, in part II – backed by SoKo’s ‘I Want To Make It New With You’ – makes it new with Soko, a Wednesday Adams-esque she-fiend.

‘Monster Love’, a beautifully light and lilty affair with a higher-fi trimming than is SoKo’s usual style, is likely a trial trailer to her new LP ‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality’, whilst ‘I Just Want To Make It New With You’ dates back to 2012’s ‘I Thought I Was An Alien’.